From the moment you step into Mokutanya, our buddy cheerful hostess, and friendly attentive wait staff will instantly make you feel ateas and welcomed.
At Mokutanya, we don't just want to treat you like a customer, we want to treat everyone as a good friend where they can be frank with us and share their opinion. We listen to our friends, accept their suggestions and continuously strive on making improvements to make them happy. All we request is for you to kick back to enjoy everything we have to offer we have 16 low sunken tables w/ leg wells that are all separated by glass partitions so it's great not only for an intimate date but also large gatherings! Whether you are here for a few drinks, a few Yakitori skewers, or a full blast celebration, each of our team member look forward to serving you Our meats and vegetables are deliverd daily so they are fresh and never frozen. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, just talk to our wait staff and they will be more than happy to guide you in your food selection. Think we're exaggerating? Just stop in and see for yourself bbecause we are looking forward to meet you !