Hamachi Kama $14.00
Yellowtail collar
Ebi Fried (4Pcs) $10.00
Deep fried battered shrimp balls with tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise
Lobster Tail $24.00
Grilled 7oz new england lobster tail with ginger garlic dressing
Hamachi Carpaccio $13.00
Slices of hamachi with onion and tobiko topping
Fried Baby Tako $9.00
Deep​ fried baby octopus
Croquette (2Pcs) $6.00
Deep fried panko-breaded mashed potatoes. Served with tonkatsu sauce.
Ika Sugata Yaki $14.00
Grilled whole squid with yakitori sauce
Lamb Chop $16.00
Australian Frenched lamb chop with sake and spices
Takowasa $8.00
Octopus salad with wasabi
Geso Karaage $9.00
Deep fried squids tentacles
Beef Tataki $15.00
Seared slices of beef with spicy toboki toppings
Edamame $4.00
Salt-boiled green soybeans
Hokke Hiraki $10.00
Grill dried mackerel (best with sake)
Ankimo $14.00
Steamed monk fish liver with ponzu sauce
Soft Shell Crab Salad $10.00
Deep fried on a bed of mixed greens with sesame dressing
Grilled Oysters (4Pcs) $12.00
Nootka​ oysters (BC) grilled with minced beacon and green onions
Chicken Karaage $11.00
Japanese style fried chicken
Yakinasu $8.00
Grilled eggplant with bonito flakes with ginger ponzu
Momo $3.00
Chicken thigh
Teba $4.00
Chicken wing
Sunagimo $3.00
Chicken gizzard
Hatsu $3.00
Chicken heart
Reba $3.00
Chicken liver
Kawa $3.00
Chicken skin
Chicken Thigh Topped $4.00
With wasabi paste
Chicken Thigh Topped $4.00
With spicy mayonnaise
Chicken Thigh Topped $4.00
With a yuzu glaze
Tendon Beef Tsukune $3.50
Meatballs with beef and beef tendons, topped with spicy mayonnaise
Shiitake Tsukune $3.50
Chicken meatball with chopped shiitake mushrooms
Ginger and Onion Tsukune $3.50
Chicken​ meatball with minced onion and grated ginger
Spicy Tsukune $3.50
Chicken meatball topped with spicy sauce
Uzura Tamago $3.00
Quail eggs
Wagyu Beef $5.00
Wagyu Beef
Spicy Beef $4.50
Marinated wagyu beef
Gyutan $4.50
Beef tongue
Lamb $4.00
Australian lamb leg with spices
Kamo $4.00
Duck​ breast.
Grilled Sake $4.50
Marinated salmon
Gindara Kasuzuke $5.00
Black cod marinated in miso and sake yeast
Grill Saba $4.50
Butabara $3.50
Pork belly
Kurobuta Sausage (Spicy) $2.00
Sausage made with berkshire pork
Kurobuta Sausage $2.00
Sausage made with berkshire pork
Bacon Wrapped $3.50
Cherry tomato
Bacon Wrapped $3.50
Bacon Wrapped $3.50
Enoki mushroom
Ebi $1.50
Corn $2.00
Shiitake Mushroom $4.00
Onion $2.00
Okra $3.00
Shishitou $3.00
Japanese sweet chili pepper
Cherry Tomato $2.50
Little Skookum Inlet, Washington $10.00
4pc, full-flavored muskiness
Fanny Bay, British Columbia $10.00
4pc, clean, sweet and light
Kusshi, British Columbia $12.00
4pc, clean, sweet and light
Shigoku, Washington $14.00
4pc, clean and sweet with fresh finish
Kumamoto, Washington $16.00
4pc, sweet with honeydew finish
Sampler 3Pc of Each Oyster $40.00
Selection depends on the availability. Please inquire with your
Tonkotsu Ramen $10.00
Pork​ bone broth with bean sprouts, sliced pork. Shiitake mushroom
Cold Ramen $10.00
House spicy sauce with daikon radish, green onions, shredded seaweed and tobiko caviar
Miso Ramen $10.00
Miso broth with bean sprouts, sliced pork,bamboo shoots and egg
Shoyu Ramen $10.00
Soy sauce broth with bean sprouts, sliced pork, bamboo shoots.
Spicy Beef Ramen $15.00
House spicy broth with wagyu beef slices, spinach, bean sprouts and shiitake mushroom
Yakitori Don $10.00
Grilled chicken with rice
Yaki Onigiri $3.50
Grilled rice ball